5. Choose a host for your site.

I will recommend Hostgator.

Why Use Hostgator?

Reason #1: Support.

Hostgator has great support via on-line chat. I have had great
experiences with this means of support. By no means is Hostgator perfect, but
neither is any other host

 Reason #2: Reliability.

Hostgator, like most major hosts boasts an uptime average of

Reason #3: Ease of Use

WordPress can be installed with QuickInstall (a one-click

Reason #4: No Limits

Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth

Reason #5: Affordability.

Hostgator is inexpensive and comparable to anyone else in
the industry

6. Hosting Package

If you use are using Hostgator, the Hatchling Plan is great to start with.
Signup online at hostgator.com
Choose Hatchling Plan (one domain)
*Price ranges from 3.96/mo to 7.16/mo
Setup account: username, domain