There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and finding out that your website has been hacked. Often it’s not a case of if you will ever get hacked but when.
It’s too easy to be complacent when it comes to this as web security isn’t always talked about and is often overlooked.

This is where the WordPress plugin Backup Buddy comes into its own.

Not only is Backup Buddy great for peace of mind, it is also extremely easy to install and setup. One great feature about Backup Buddy is that you can set it up to do automatic backups for you and these can be done hourly, daily, weekly, twice monthly or monthly. Too often we know we should be taking backups of our site but all too often we just never make the time to actually do it. As we add content to our sites, new plugins as well as customizing our theme, it’s too easy to forget about how much work has actually gone into getting your site to the place it is now. Now, imagine losing it all?

When creating a backup you can either do a database only backup or a full backup including all your files. The database will include all your content such as pages and blog posts. Including the files will include your theme and plugins. Once this has been set you can decide where to send the backup, either to an email address, ftp to your hosting account or to your Amazon S3 account.

Just a note, in order for the automatic backup to work, you need to visit the site, which will prompt the plugin to do the backup.

Often it’s not the backing up that can cause problems. Those that do carry out backups, how many actually test to see how easy it is to reinstall the backups incase something goes wrong? If you leave it until you have to reinstall a backup, instead of testing ahead of time, you have just wasted both time and effort. Backup Buddy however makes it extremely easy to reinstall and is not just for tech geeks, they make it simple for anyone to create a back up and reinstall it. If you do have any problems, iThemes, the brains behind Backup Buddy offer unrivalled support for all their customers, which is great for peace of mind.

This plugin is also a huge bonus for WordPress web designers and those who flip websites as there is also a developers license. It makes it so easy for you to completely move the entire site to your customers hosting very quickly and easily. Not only that your customer now can use Backup Buddy to create their ongoing backups, adding extra value to your service.

As you can see Backup Buddy is definitely one to add to your list of must have WordPress plugins. It’s worth the small investment just for having peace of mind, just in case anything goes wrong with your website. If it ever does, Backup Buddy will have you back in business in no time, with very little time and money lost. Can’t beat that for value!

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