The open-source CMS (Content Management System) WordPress, came to life in 2003. Its popularity grew quickly as an easy platform for bloggers. Today it is estimated that about 25% of all websites are powered by it. Itcontinues to grow in popularity with  over 100,000 new installs  every day. These include sites operated by companies such as CBS, NBC Sports, and the Washington Post. Most web hosting companies support WordPress and some even provide hosting dedicated solely to WordPress.

So, what are the benefits of using WordPress on your website?

Low Cost

WordPress is very cost-effective, especially if you learn how to use it yourself. Small businesses and limited budgets gravitate to it because hiring a professional is often not necessary. WordPress themes range in price from free to around $100. Hosting can be very low-cost, dependimg on your needs.


 WordPress is comparatively easy to use. There is a large support and educational community  that keeps it going. Support is available on forums, thousands of blogs and With its use being so prevalent, help is always available.


WordPress’ use of modules called themes give the user almost unlimited control over customization. Plugins are add-on modules that add incredible functionality. Because there is a large community that develops and supports WordPress, there are hundreds of plugins available (in both free and premium versions).

Social Media Integration

WordPress integrates very well with social media. Blog posts can be scheduled to published on social media sites. Social media content such as YouTube videos and podcasts can also be imported into WordPress posts and pages. WordPress has a built-in comment system or you can use third-party tools like Disqus.

Search Engine Optimization

Right out of the box, WordPress is very SEO-friendly. But to keep your site optimized amidst an ever-changing SEO environment,  plug-ins (both free and premium) can be used to manage all your SEO.

If you love WordPress (or hate it) and want to talk about it (or ask questions) Please do so in the comments below.


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