Ministry Website Updating A Must
Ministry Website Updating A Must

In the world in which we live today, a ministry website is considered a necessity. Starting a website is not difficult. You need a place (hosting), content to fill it and last, but definitely not least, a means of updating your ministry website.

Updating Your Ministry Website With New, Fresh, Relevant Content Is A Must

New, fresh, relevant content that is interactive and engaging is a must in today’s next-generation world wide web. Prior to 2004, it was perfectly acceptable for your website to be a simple digital version of your church’s brochure. The world of Web 2.0 requires that same brochure to be dynamic, include multimedia and be able to communicate (talk and listen) with the user. These facts are neither secret nor controversial. Yet we still find many ministry sites that have been setup but not regularly updated.

Still you might question why the content is so important?

3 Good Reasons Why Ministry Website Updating Is Important

1. Search engines (most importantly Google) reward your site for frequently publishing content. Search engines match web visitors to the newest and most relevant information on a topic. If you have not updated in 3 months your site does not stand a chance against a site that publishes daily.

2. Fresh content often is the only reason for a visitor to return to your site. Web users visit so many sites that unless you give them a reason, they will forget your site.

3. Ministry Website Updating with lots of content allows you to better evaluate effectiveness. Along with more published content comes more feedback from readers. Whether good or bad, the feedback tells you what is working and what is not. Being a good evangelist means evaluating your message and modifying it appropriately.

WordPress makes frequent ministry website updating easy. Whether the ministry website updating is done by you or someone else, it is as easy to use as creating a Microsoft Word document.

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