Magee Shortcodes Best Free Shortcode Plugin?

Homeowners often want to give their homes a lift. The fastest and cheapest way to do this is purchasing a can of paint. The fastest and cheapest way to remodel your WordPress site is with a plugin. You could purchase a new WordPress theme of course. But the easiest and cheapest way is to go over to the plugin repository and grab a new plugin.

I recently did this myself and ran across the Magee Shortcodes plugin. Of all those plugins available free, Magee is the Best WordPress Shortcode Plugin. This WordPress plugin provides a pack of shortcodes to add style to your blog. With Magee Shortcodes, you can easily create accordions, buttons, boxes, and columns.

What is a Shortcode?

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you perform functions easily.  It iis like substituting one simple line of code for several ugly, complicated lines. In other words, it is a shortcut. There are many plugins that allow you to create boxes or animation. But Magee Shortcodes, I believe, is the Best WordPress Shortcode Plugin available free.


This plugin has more than 55 shortcodes. Here is a complete list of featured shortcodes in the free version.

Shortcode List

Accordion, Alert, Audio, Button, Column, Custom Box, Countdowns, Counter, Divider, Dropcap, Document, Dummy Text, Dummy Image, Dailymotion, Expand, Feature Box, Flip Box, Highlight, Heading, Icon, Image Frame, Image Compare, List, Label, Modal, Menu, Popover, Person, Promo Box, Piechart, Panel, Progress, Pullquote, QR Code, Quote, Slider, RSS Feed, Social, Section, Scheduled, Tooltip, Tab, Testimonial, Timeline, Targeted, Video, Vimeo, Youtube

Best Free Shortcode Plugiin

There were five features that I was most impressed with:

  1. Progress bar

Progress bars make Magee Shortcodes Best Free Shortcode Plugiin

         2. Flip box

         3. Timeline

Timelines make Magee Shortcodes Best Free Shortcode Plugiin

         4. Counter

countdowns make Magee Shortcodes Best Free Shortcode Plugiin

        5. Chart

Charts make Magee Shortcodes Best Free Shortcode Plugiin

 Magee Shortcodes Is Arguably The Best WordPress Shortcode Plugin


Magee Shortcodes is WordPress plugin that provides a pack of shortcodes. It is based on Bootstrap and coded with HTML5 and CSS3 language, fully responsive in desktops and mobile devices With enriched settings in options, you could easily create column, section, feature box, person, testimonial and much more. You can also customize post & page layouts using the shortcode generator. The one-click shortcode preview function lets you see how your inserted shortcode looks before it goes live. Because it is feature-rich, versatile, widely-used and  free These features make Magee arguably the best WordPress shortcode plugin.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.4
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 40,000+

Rating: 4.3/5.0

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