TUTORIAL: How To Hide Page Title When Using Genesis

[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#25cc23″] [su_highlight]Requirements: You must be running WordPress 3.0 or higher and the Genesis Framework[/su_highlight] [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#25cc23″]

There are times when Genesis users need to hide page title. The most common example would be “Home” at the top of the homepage. The Genesis Title Toggle WordPress plugin lets you easily hide page title. This plugin allows us to hide page title as needed- either selectively with individual pages or sitewide for all pages.

Hide Page Title Using Genesis Title Toggle

Here are the steps to install Bill Erickson’s Genesis Title Toggle plugin available free at the WordPress Plugin repository.

1 Install the plugin.

2. Activate It.

3. Go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Title Toggle

Hide Page Title
Figure A


4. If you want to hide page titles on all pages (sitewide), check this box (Figure A).

Leaving this box unchecked will cause all page titles to be shown by default.


5. Then on a per-page basis you can still  choose to hide or show page title.


For this tutorial, we left the sitewide default set to show page titles. On any given page we would see this box:


Hide Page Title
Figure B


To hide the title on this page only, we can check this box.

So we should set the global or sitewide setting based on whether we plan to hide more titles or show them.

That’s it.

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