Spreading the Gospel has always been about communication. As  technology advanced so did communication. The apostle Paul delivered messages by letter. Fast forward to the 20th century and the Gospel was spread on radio and TV. Now because of the world wide web, we have so many more ways to communicate. But we should not rule out one not-so-new technology that still has a lot of potential for ministry. That’s right. Podcasting.

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I would like to give you some reasons why your ministry should podcast  to communicate the Gospel.

Let’s look at the benefits that make podcasting so attractive.

 Interest in podcasts continues to grow.

 Why Your Ministry Should Podcast

More impotant than its effectiveness, portability, and convenience, is that it is an intimate means of spreading your message.

1. Podcasts are intimate.

Because of the power of the human voice, podcasts are able to connect your message with the listener in a unique way. Podcasts present information that educates, entertains, informs and inspires its audience. And it does so in a more intimate way than an email.

2. Podcasts help you build a following

Your ministry should podcast to strengthen the relationship with current and prospective parishoners. Podcast subscribers can become the core of your online community over time.

3. Podcasts cut costs.

Because podcasts are delivered digitally, they eliminate many costs associated with other forms of communication including postage, printing, and paper. They can also reduce meeting costs and e-mail storage costs. They are easy to archive and updating them is quick and easy.

4. Podcasting is time-efficient.

Podcasting is an on-demand technology.  Listeners decide what they want to hear, and when they want to hear it. You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute. Some types of meetings can be eliminated in favor of podcasts, saving time and improving productivity.

5. Podcasts are portable.

Once a podcast resides on your computer, if your computer is portable, you can take the podcast with you and listen whenever or wherever you want. Or, you can transfer the podcast to a personal media player such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod.

 What do you think?

Does podcasting provide opportunities for your ministry?

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