7 Actionable Tips To Maintain Your Small Church’s Digital Presence

  Take These 7 Steps To Start And Maintain Your Small Church’s Digital Presence 1. Start With a Plan. Set goals for your online presence. These goals should be reviewed regularly along with feedback from members, friends and leadership. This will lead to an evaluation of the effectiveness of your efforts. Modify your goals (short […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Church Tech

Church tech is not new. The idea that the use of technology in the church is somehow wrong, ineffective or unprecedented is a misconception.  God’s people have always used technology to further the kingdom. Perhaps the confusion comes in the definition of technology. Technology can be defined as the use of scientific knowledge for practical […]

7 Of The Best Online Giving Apps For Churches And Nonprofits

For non-profits fundraising is challenging, even in good economic times. In a struggling economy, the task can seem impossible. However, with vision and online giving tools, successful fundraising is possible during these times. 2016 turned out to be a successful year for nonprofits, with many  reporting big increases in donations. One good indicator in December […]

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